We are a culturally diverse group of qualified Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychologists and Psychological therapists. Experts in assessment, psychological therapy and executive coaching, we work collaboratively with children, young people, adults and organisations to improve outcomes.  We welcome people from all walks of life and are comfortable talking about any difficulties you might be experiencing, including racism, discrimination, cultural differences and similarities and workplace culture. 

Meet the Directors of Avenue Therapies

Avenue Therapies started with Nicole, Anna and Pete. Three Clinical Psychologists, working in the NHS passionate about supporting people to get the right help, with the right person, as quickly as possible. We want people to be living their best lives and overcoming the things that are getting in the way of that. We only work with like minded therapists and organisations, who share our values and can offer the highest quality therapy or interventions for you.

  • Dr Nicole Stokoe Consultant Clinical Psychologist Age Range: 12+ Key Models: ACT, CAT, CBT, DBT, EMDR

  • Dr Pete Keohane Associate Professor, Clinical Psychologist Age Range: 18+ Key Models: ACT, CBT

  • Dr Anna Redding Consultant Clinical Psychologist Age Range: 16+ Key Models: ACT, CBT, DBT, EMDR

What We Do

We offer tailored interventions from extensive experience working with families, adults and children experiencing personal, mental and physical health difficulties. We are passionate about what we do and aim to support people to live a valued, fulfilling life. In order to do this, we only use researched and evidence based therapy and follow recommended national guidance. However, we also appreciate that everyone is an individual and will always tailor therapies to suit your specific needs.

We strive to enable people to recognise their strengths and resilience and move towards their full potential. We value diversity and inclusivity and will make it our goal to fully understand what your needs within the context of your cultural and individual experience.

How we work

We believe that everyone has the psychological strength and resilience to overcome their difficulties, whatever those might be. However, we also know that at times, you might not believe that this is possible.  Therefore, we aim to help you begin to see that the life you want is possible by firstly understanding your difficulties and what they mean for you and your life. From there, we can then find ways forward to address the difficulties.  How we do this will depend on the problem, what you want to achieve and what therapeutic approach fits you as an individual.  We can either work with a ‘pure’ therapy, or integrate relevant parts of different therapies and adapt things depending on what will be the most appropriate for you.  

For more information about how we work, please see our FAQ page.