Avenue Therapies started with Nicole, Anna and Pete. Three Clinical Psychologists working in the NHS wanting to try and offer therapy for those who the NHS is unable to support; those on long waiting lists, those falling between the cracks. In setting up Avenue Therapies, we quickly realised we had more referrals than we could manage and started taking on associates.

Working independently can be quite lonely. We believe in the power of relationships and so created our community of qualified therapists and Clinical Psychologists. This community works to support each other through sharing skills and expertise. Working from different perspectives enables us to think creatively together and be accountable to each other.

We see this as a ‘win-win’ for both our therapists and the people we work with in therapy. We receive the support and guidance that we need as therapists, which in turn ensures high quality therapy. Many heads are better than one after all!

 We Offer:

  • Regular group supervision: small groups of Clinical and Counselling Psychologists and Psychological therapists. With different skills and experience, we can learn from each other to develop our skills, knowledge and keep each other accountable and adherent. We find it also prevents us getting ‘stale’ in therapy.
  • Sourcing referrals and organising marketing: we do all of that, including a brief screen before passing the referral to you.
  • If you wish you will join our group chat: there is then always someone about to check something, ask for resources, if you need support or a bit of a debrief.
  • We will provide you with an Avenue Therapies email: this is the main way we will contact you regarding referrals and updates. To be able to respond to referrals in a timely fashion, we ask that you check this regularly.
  • We currently offer two CPD days a year where we get together and share knowledge, skills and best practice.
  • We also try to arrange times in the year to all get together (or at least the clinic areas) to pass on business items and updates to you all as well as social gatherings to have a bit of fun outside work.
  • We have an ongoing blog which you are welcome to contribute to if you have particular interests.

If you are interested in joining please send us your CV and read through our process.