• There’s lonely, there’s alone and then there’s worse: Traumatic Aloneness

    Sitting on the sofa, people around you, watching TV, relaxing. Yet, something feels “off”, not right but you can’t put your finger on what it is. Nothing “bad” is happening, nothing untoward is going on, but there’s this gnawing feeling in your tummy. Welcome to “traumatic aloneness”. There’s feeling lonely, there’s feeling alone and then there’s traumatic aloneness. Nowadays we […]
  • Self-care, an update: still hard but getting easier!

    Last July I wrote a blog about self-care and its importance, as well as highlighting how difficult it can be for some of us, me included. The guilt we feel when we put ourselves first can really get in the way. Culturally, I also think that “us Brits” are pretty bad at stopping, resting or living life at a slower […]
  • Self-Care, Why is it so hard?

    So many of us now are aware of the benefits of taking time for ourselves, to say no occasionally, to press pause, even to pamper ourselves (if not check out our compassion blog where we explain). Yet, few of us do it. Sickness and burn out rates at work remain high, stress levels are high, mental health difficulties are on the up, […]
  • Nature and Mental Wellbeing – Part 5: Good for us, good for nature

    Welcome! Our Little Journey We’re almost there! We’ve spent time thinking about the different connections we all have with nature and also how important this can be for our physical and mental wellbeing. We then went on to think about what types of things we could try to build up our connections at an individual level and how we might […]
  • Nature and Mental Wellbeing – Part 4: Projects to get involved in and overcoming barriers!

    Welcome! Last week we spent a bit of time thinking about how to get involved, mostly at an individual level. In this blog I’m going to think about some projects and how we can overcome some of the barriers to building our connection with nature. Projects! Where to start!? There are so many projects out there that can help us […]
  • Nature and Mental Wellbeing – Part 3: How to get Involved?

    Welcome back, Last week we spent a bit of time thinking about what an increased connection with nature looks like in the literature and what ecotherapy is. We also thought about what the evidence-base says (which is pretty positive!). In this blog I’m going to think about how we all can get more involved in this kind of activity ourselves. […]