Partnership Working

One of our passions is working with organisations. Whether it is improving work place culture, supporting the wellbeing of your employees or reducing your waiting lists, we work collaboratively with your team. The team at Avenue Therapies have a wealth of experience working in and with the NHS, Universities, charitable organisations and corporate businesses to draw on whilst working alongside you to understand your individual team and organisational needs.  We work with organisations who share like minded values, building a relationship of trust, offering a high quality service, collaboratively to produce the outcomes you want.  



Our team of highly experienced psychological clinicians can provide consultation to staff members or teams. This can be helpful in providing an independent review of a situation or challenge and can offer you and your organisation expert advice and support to help move towards a positive outcome. Areas we can support you and your organisation in include staff wellbeing (including exploring reasons for sickness and presenteeism), staff engagement, productivity and workplace culture.



We have significant experience in delivering training from the fundamentals of mental health to complex clinician models and techniques. We are able to deliver training to employees, clinicians, managers and senior leadership.

Popular training sessions focus on how services and business can help to understand and better support their staff’s wellbeing and retention and improving workplace culture. We offer a range of bespoke training workshops:

  • For organisations including leadership (including compassionate leadership), developing a positive culture, trauma-informed approaches in the workplace and improving staff wellbeing. 
  • For individuals including mental and physical health conditions, for example; psycho-education, what the psychological evidence base is for various conditions, assessing risk in clients and when and where to refer people on to. We also provide sessions on therapy techniques such as essential counselling skills, questioning/interviewing styles and emotional coping skills to name but a few.
  • We can also offer reflective spaces for individuals and teams.

All aspects of the training sessions will be adapted to your context so is most effective for you and your team. Just get in touch to see how we can help!

We are currently running a series of coproduced workshops on the trauma-informed approach. Experience of trauma is common in the general population, meaning that some of your workforce will have experienced at least one traumatic event. For some people, trauma can have an impact on their mental and physical health which can at times, impact on their relationships and work. Organisations that adopt a trauma-informed approach have improved staff retention and wellbeing, staff satisfaction and confidence in their skills and improved outcomes. 

Workshops on offer:

To find out more or to book a place, please visit our page on Eventbrite or get in touch.