Posted on June 29th, 2018 by Pete Keohane


Our Little Journey

We’re almost there! We’ve spent time thinking about the different connections we all have with nature and also how important this can be for our physical and mental wellbeing. We then went on to think about what types of things we could try to build up our connections at an individual level and how we might get involved in a local or national project. Finally, we talked about overcoming the barriers to trying something new, getting back into something or keeping things interesting – all with a view to increasing our awareness and connection with nature.

In this final blog, I just wanted to leave you with a hopeful idea…

Good for us, good for nature

This is just the icing on the cake for me! What a lot of the research says is that increasing our connection with nature can also benefit, and result in the protection of, the natural world around us. It’s reciprocal. How good is that!?

On the one hand, I think this is really obvious when I think about it. When we spend a bit more time focusing on and appreciating the natural world, of course we will be more likely to care about it and want to share these experiences. At the same time, I think this is something I (we?) do not always keep in mind. Particularly in our current culture where sometimes the outside world, and experiences within it, have become a ‘commodity’ – something to do, rather than something to experience. A way of filling time rather than connecting with what we are doing.

Get connected!

The good news is, if we build up our connections with nature it is good for us and for nature. It links us to the world, our local environment and the people and animals around us. It promotes the value of the natural world for us as individuals but also as communities and cultures. Every one’s a winner!

So, hooray for everyone connecting with nature, taking an interest and looking after the world we live in – for ourselves, other people and the world itself. And remember it doesn’t have to be big. You don’t climb a mountain by sprinting up it!

Drawing this to a close… time to get involved!

At a personal level, I have found this a really interesting journey. Despite having an interest in this area, I have learnt a lot and I hope you have too. I’ve also been inspired to try out some new things and I wonder if this true for the people reading this (I hope so!!).

If you haven’t tried increasing your connection with nature yet or you’ve just joined us… Why not try something now????

Thank you for reading,


Ps. If you feel worried about any of the information here you can have a look at our resources page for contacts which might be helpful.