Nature and Mental Wellbeing - Part 3: How to get Involved?

Welcome back,

Last week we spent a bit of time thinking about what an increased connection with nature looks like in the literature and what ecotherapy is. We also thought about what the evidence-base says (which is pretty positive!). In this blog I’m going to think about how we all can get more involved in this kind of activity ourselves.

Things we can all try

So, the evidence fairly confidently suggests that getting more in touch with nature and also getting out an about more in it is pretty good for us. So, what next?

There are so many things that we can do, and I should imagine there are probably lots of things that you might already do now, have done in the past or might like to do in the future. That said, I thought I would put some lists together that might provide a little spark of inspiration for you to try!

  1. Getting active outdoors

  2. Building connections with the natural world

  3. Using your mindfulness skills with nature

  4. Nature indoors

  5. Growing and picking food

  6. Helping the environment

Just a quick note to stay safe!! Make sure you do the necessary research, let people know where you are, don’t eat anything if you’re not totally sure what it is etc before trying something new. There are loads of online guides on staying safe when going outdoors that you can access once you identify what you’re going to do.

Also, please do remember doing this doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult or stressful. Keep in mind the things you like, or might like, to do!  It can be really fun to involve others so if you have friends, family or work colleagues who might be keen, get them involved too! I’ve put a load of links at the bottom of the page for some additional resources. See what you think.