• This thing called “Acceptance”

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Even though I ‘teach’ acceptance as a skill, it’s something that I have sometimes struggled with myself; to ‘accept’ some of life’s events. When I hear about some of the things that my clients have been through, are going through and might continue to face, I’m sometimes amazed at how they keep […]

  • The Value of Christmas – Balancing Values and Aiming for Change

    Christmas is just over three days away. Christmas can be a significant and important event in the year for many people. At these times, when there are so many competing priorities, it can be a time when values get over shadowed and lost. Similarly there are other big events in life such as marriage, finding a home and having children […]

  • Steps to Improving the Present Moment

    Little by little, step by step As part of this blog, I will be publishing a series of posts about how to improve the moment. I will be introducing simple, easy to use skills and guiding you though the theory and research behind them. Notice three experiences you have enjoyed today – it could be as simple as enjoying that […]