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  • This thing called "Acceptance"

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Even though I ‘teach’ acceptance as a skill, it’s something that I have sometimes struggled with myself; to ‘accept’ some of life’s events. When I hear about some of the things that my clients have been through, are going through and might continue to face, I’m sometimes amazed at how they keep going. 

    So I thought I’d try to learn more about it. Marsha Linehan coined the term “ …

  • The Value of Christmas - Balancing Values and Aiming for Change

    The Value of Christmas

    Balancing Values and Aiming for Change

    By Dr Nicole Stokoe



    Christmas is just over three days away. Christmas can be a significant and important event in the year for many people. At these times, when there are so many competing priorities, it can be a time when values get over shadowed and lost. Similarly there are other big events in life such as marriage, finding a home and having children where the balance of life changes and values shift …

  • Step by Step

    Steps to Improving the Present Moment

    Little by little, step by step


     Dr Nicole Stokoe


    Noticing that moment when the sun breaks through the clouds


    As part of this blog, I will be publishing a series of posts about how to improve the moment. I will be introducing simple, easy to use skills and guiding you though the theory and research behind them.

    Notice three experiences you have enjoyed today – it could be as simple as enjoying that …

  • Grief and Loss

      Grief, Loss, Bereavement, support, therapy

    As human beings, grieving is part of life, albeit one that we do not always tend to talk about. We grieve after any kind of loss, whether that be the death of a loved one, loss of health or loss of a relationship. It is totally natural and normal to experience a multitude of things following a loss.

    Am I grieving?

    Grief and loss are highly personal and individual. People will all experience grief, loss and bereavements differently depending on the support available, their own coping …

  • Who we are

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    We are a team of healthcare professionals comprising of Clinical Psychologists, psychological therapists and Occupational Therapists (OTs). We offer tailored therapy from extensive experience working with people experiencing personal, mental and physical health difficulties. We are passionate about what we do and aim to support people to live a valued, fulfilling life.  In order to do this, the …

  • Welcome to Avenue Therapies Ltd in Southampton & London

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    Psychological Therapy Tailored to You

    Everybody goes through periods in their life where things feel difficult, or bad things happen. Sometimes we get through these just fine, but there are times we need a little extra help. Whether it is low mood, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma, struggling to cope with the day to day or feeling overwhelmed by difficult emotions. Understandably, these difficulties can sometimes make it …