What is Solution Focused Therapy?

Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) is a brief therapy that focuses on the goals of the individual. It arose from research conducted by a team of therapists exploring the elements of therapy that brought about positive change in the people they were working with. They then focused therapy on these elements, allowing therapy to be shorter.

What can SFT help with?

SFT can be effective for anyone, with any problem. Some people prefer this approach as they do not want to discuss their past and want to focus more on moving forwards.

How does SFT work?

It tends to concentrate more on moving forward and on solutions rather than on the problem itself or where it originated from.  It can consist of as few as two sessions. It acknowledges distress, but the focus is on what is working rather than what is not. The style of SFT differs slightly from other therapies in that there tends to be more questions asked of the client, which focus on very specific, miniscule details in order to build up a picture of what life might be like if the client’s difficulties were not getting in the way.

Three basic questions underpin solution focused therapy:

  • What are your best hopes from this therapy?
  • What would your day-to-day life look like if these hopes were realised?
  • What are you already doing and have done in the past that might contribute to these hopes being realised