• Nature and Mental Wellbeing – Part 2 What difference does being in nature make?

    Welcome back everyone, Last week we spent a bit of time thinking about why I started this blog, our relationships with nature and the social and cultural aspects which might influence those relationships. We also talked about how our relationships with nature can vary a lot and I introduced the idea that connecting with nature can have a significant impact […]
  • Nature and Mental Wellbeing – Part 1 Setting a Context

    Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Avenue Therapies Ltd blog. A project set up by the UK Wildlife Trust called 30 days of wild (link at the bottom of this post) was this inspiration for this series. I think it’s a lovely project that aims to support people at home, school and work to be more in touch with nature […]
  • Managing stress, building resilience and other things that can help (Part 3)

    Just a little topic I hear you all say! This is my last blog on the topic of stress but will hopefully give you some new ideas or point you in a helpful direction. As I mentioned in my previous blog, there is no getting away from stressful life events. That said, there are things that we can do that […]
  • Causes of stress and common signs (Part 2)

    Welcome back!  Last time we talked about what stress is and how it affects us all. In this blog I’ll focus on some common causes of stress and also some common signs that we are stressed. This might all sound very obvious, and for some it may be, but for many of us we can overlook how stressful our lives […]
  • What is stress? (Part 1)

    Following on from National Stress Awareness month I thought I would put down some thoughts about stress. Thinking in a bit of detail about what it is, where it comes from and what we can all do to better manage it. In this first blog I’ll be focusing just on what it is, how common it is and how it […]
  • This thing called “Acceptance”: how do I do that?

    In the last blog we started to explore what acceptance is. I first came across the concept when I was working as an Assistant Psychologist (many years ago!) with people who had dementia.  If I’m honest, I was struggling to hold hope in my work with people who I couldn’t make “better” and my supervisor started to discuss the importance […]