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  • Bipolar Disorder

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    People with bipolar disorder experience extreme mood swings from periods of overactive, “hyper” or agitated behaviour (manic episodes) to periods of severe depression (depressive episodes). Each mood state can vary in length and frequency lasting between weeks to months, with depressive episodes tending to last longer than manic episodes. The time in between these mood swings can also vary, with some people being well for long periods of time in between episodes.

    There are …

  • How to cope with traumatic memories

    OK, so now we have some idea as to why our past feels like our present, but what do we do about it?!

    When experiencing some of the effects of trauma such as intense fear, anger, nightmares, and flashbacks, it can be difficult to stay focussed on the present, what is going on around us. Our thinking goes ‘off line’ while the brain goes into protection mode (the fight-flight-freeze stuff we talked about in the last blog.  These can sometimes lead us to cope in ways that might …

  • Sleep Part 5 – How to improve sleep

    By Pete & Anna



    So to recap, we’ve talked about what sleep is and why we do it. We thought about how much sleep we’re supposed to get, sleep difficulties and the things that can get in the way of our sleep. Now we’re going to focus on the things you can do to improve sleep.

    We’ve split this section into two – the things you can do to promote your own sleep and the things that you could do to support others to sleep.


    1) …

  • Low Mood and Depression

      Depression, Low Mood, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT

    We have all felt low in mood at times. Often this is a very normal reaction to a set of difficult circumstances for example difficulties in a relationship, difficulties at work or loss of a friend or family member. When the situation changes, your mood changes to reflect how you feel in a normal and natural response to this change. However, for some people this low mood can continue for a long time, it stays low regardless of the situation or occasion, it starts to taint and prevent enjoyment …

  • Anxiety/worry

      Anxiety, worry, stress, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT

    We have all felt worried, stressed and anxious at points in our lives. This can be a very normal and expected feeling in response to a difficult situation such as doing something for the first time, meeting new people or going into a pressured situation such as an exam, job interview or performance.  However, sometimes we may find ourselves starting to worry and feel anxious even when there are no obvious reasons to feel worried. We may find ourselves starting to worry far more than the …

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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    What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

    Cognitive Behaviour therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy which explores how a person’s cognitive processes ( …

  • Who we are

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    We are a team of healthcare professionals comprising of Clinical Psychologists, psychological therapists and Occupational Therapists (OTs). We offer tailored therapy from extensive experience working with people experiencing personal, mental and physical health difficulties. We are passionate about what we do and aim to support people to live a valued, fulfilling life.  In order to do this, the …

  • Welcome to Avenue Therapies Ltd in Southampton & London

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    Psychological Therapy Tailored to You

    Everybody goes through periods in their life where things feel difficult, or bad things happen. Sometimes we get through these just fine, but there are times we need a little extra help. Whether it is low mood, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma, struggling to cope with the day to day or feeling overwhelmed by difficult emotions. Understandably, these difficulties can sometimes make it …