Beyond Individual Therapy


Avenue Therapies offer support and supervision to Clinical, Counselling and Health Psychologists, Accredited Psychological Therapists and also to teams and organisations. We are passionate about providing a safe, reflective and helpful environment for supervision to enable positive growth and learning.

We have a team of clinicians who can meet your supervisory needs and flexibly deliver sessions remotely. This includes working from a variety of different models including CBT, schema, ACT, DBT, CFT and CAT. Our supervisors have completed BPS training (or equivalent) and are registered (eg with BABCP) supervisors.

All of our supervisors will collaboratively think about your hopes and objectives for supervision to ensure that you get what you need to from sessions.  


Reflective Practice

We all lead such busy lives and sometimes we do not have the time or headspace to think, reflect and develop.

We offer reflective practice for teams and small groups to give space and time to reflect on and adapt practice in a helpful way. All of our facilitators are experienced and work in an open, inquisitive and psychologically informed way. We have experience providing reflective practice in a broad range of health and social care settings but also corporate and academic contexts.



We are able to provide highly experienced psychological clinicians to provide consultation for staff members or teams. This can be helpful in providing an independent review of a situation or difficulty and can give you and your organisation expert advice and support to help move towards a positive outcome.



We have significant experience in delivering training from the fundamentals of mental health to complex clinician models and techniques. We are able to deliver training to employees, clinicians, managers and senior leadership.

Popular training sessions focus on how services and business can help to understand and better support their staff’s wellbeing and the people that they might work with. We offer a range of training workshops on both mental and physical health conditions. For example; psycho-education, what the psychological evidence base is for various conditions, assessing risk in clients and when and where to refer people on to. We also provide sessions on therapy techniques such as essential counselling skills, questioning/interviewing styles and emotional coping skills to name but a few.

All aspects of the training sessions will be adapted to your context so it makes sense and is most effective for you and your team.


To find out more about how we can help, do get in touch.