We are currently living in unprecedented times. Living during a pandemic can be challenging to say the least and whilst some people will find it a time of exploring new hobbies, getting through the “to do” list, getting into exercise, it is OK that some of you are also struggling.  The uncertainty, the isolation, loss, financial worries, juggling work and suddenly being a teacher and many other factors will all be taking a toll. It’s OK not to be OK during these times.

We have pulled together some additional resources that you might find helpful (and don’t forget our other resource page which has useful links):

Isolation, boredom, loneliness:


Anxiety and General Mental Health related:

Grief and Loss

  • Cruse offer lots of free advice and support
  • The charity support service Sudden has a bereavement helpline you can call on 0800 2600 400 if someone you know has died. It’s open from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. They can give you advice, guidance and practical support during this difficult time.
  • We know this is difficult and complicated, so for practical advice around probate, help and advice offer support. 
  • the Good Grief Trust is a charity run by those who have been bereaved.

For Parents and Carers: 


Domestic Abuse: