• Nature and Mental Wellbeing – Part 1 Setting a Context

    Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Avenue Therapies Ltd blog. A project set up by the UK Wildlife Trust called 30 days of wild (link at the bottom of this post) was this inspiration for this series. I think it’s a lovely project that aims to support people at home, school and work to be more in touch with nature […]

  • Why does my past feel like my present?

    Why do I sometimes feel like I’m six years old again when I’m scared? Why am I still so distressed by something that happened years ago? These are questions I often get asked in my practice. Well, research has indicated that this is due to the way our brains function and how the memories from the past are stored. To […]

  • Step by Step 3 – The Friends and Family Test

    Little by little, step by step How do you talk to yourself? When you are commenting quietly in your mind about the things you have done, the conversations you have had, the way you look and the way you are as a person. What are you saying to yourself? How are you talking to yourself? What is the tone of […]

  • Steps to Improving the Present Moment

    Little by little, step by step As part of this blog, I will be publishing a series of posts about how to improve the moment. I will be introducing simple, easy to use skills and guiding you though the theory and research behind them. Notice three experiences you have enjoyed today – it could be as simple as enjoying that […]