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Sometimes the things in life we are dealing with have an impact on our daily living and functioning. We might struggle to get up, to look after ourselves, we may not be able to structure our day or even to know what we want to do with our lives.  Finding employment or getting out of the house might seem overwhelming. All of these are very common when we are experiencing mental health difficulties or life stressors but can be hugely debilitating and serve to keep the problems going if we do not address them.

What Helps?

Research shows that having structure and routine in our day can positively impact our mental well being.  Additionally, unemployment and money problems can add to our stress and effect our mental health but sometimes we do not know where or how to start making changes, all of which can take energy we do not have. Occupational Therapists (OTs) can carry out an assessment of your current level of function to establish how your mental health difficulties are impacting on your daily living skills. They will then offer interventions that introduce activities at a level you can manage and gradually increase them to enable you to get to where you want to be and achieve your goals. 

What do we offer:

  • Assessment and Intervention at home
  • Visits in the community
  • Personalised Treatment Plans
  • Standardised Assessment and Reports
  • Advice on equipment and adaptations and signposting when necessary

We do we work on:

  • Increasing motivation – by learning what is important to you
  • Routine and structure – using timetables and regular activities
  • Money management – learning to budget
  • Improving self care – E.g by learning how to cook independently or use a washing machine
  • Accessing the community – confidence in using the bus or going shopping
  • Managing anxiety - learn practical techniques and graded exposure
  • Returning to employment or voluntary work – help with writing CVs and job applications
  • Finding new hobbies and meaningful occupations