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  • Panic

      Panic, Stress, Anxiety, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Fear, Panic Attacks

    Panic and anxiety are something that everyone experiences at certain times in their life, particularly in response to stressful situations such as exams. However, some people experience panic, stress and anxiety regularly, at any time and may be classed as a panic disorder.

    Is what I am experiencing panic?

    A panic attack occurs when your body experiences intense physical and mental symptoms. These include:

    Overwhelming sense of fear


    Difficulty breathing

    Nausea …

  • Social anxiety and discomfort

      Social anxiety, stress, social situations, relationship difficulties, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    Social anxiety is sometimes also called social phobia and involves feeling scared or anxious about social situations and being around other people, especially people you don’t know.  It is one of the most common anxiety disorders and is much more than just “shyness.” People with social anxiety tend to experience intense fear when faced with social situations such as talking on the phone, meeting friends in a public place or starting conversations. 

    It is generally …

  • Anxiety/worry

      Anxiety, worry, stress, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT

    We have all felt worried, stressed and anxious at points in our lives. This can be a very normal and expected feeling in response to a difficult situation such as doing something for the first time, meeting new people or going into a pressured situation such as an exam, job interview or performance.  However, sometimes we may find ourselves starting to worry and feel anxious even when there are no obvious reasons to feel worried. We may find ourselves starting to worry far more than the …

  • Welcome to Avenue Therapies Ltd in Southampton & London

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    Psychological Therapy Tailored to You

    Everybody goes through periods in their life where things feel difficult, or bad things happen. Sometimes we get through these just fine, but there are times we need a little extra help. Whether it is low mood, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma, struggling to cope with the day to day or feeling overwhelmed by difficult emotions. Understandably, these difficulties can sometimes make it …